1. Shipping Methods: standard shipping, express shipping, or air cargo.

  2. Shipping Regions: We ship to all over India. In case of shipping to outside India you can contact directly on our E-mail: walnutshopping@gmail.com. In case of shipment outside India the customer has to bear the extra duties and charges including the shipping cost.

  3. Shipping Timeframes: Our estimated delivery time is around 5 – 7 business days in India. In Southern States delivery can be done within 2 business days. In case shipping outside India the timeframe may vary according to the countries internal custom policy and the type of transportation. A minimum of 15 days is estimated for air cargo for delivery 

  4. Shipping Costs: Shipping cost is calculated based on shipping weight and the region of shipping. Shipping Cost is calculated at checkout depending on the quantity purchased. Shipping outside India is calculated separately and will be conveyed to the customer via E-mail.

  5. Tracking and Confirmation: Customer can track their shipment with the help of tracking number communicated by us via E-mail. Confirmation will be conveyed directly by the shipment provider and customer need not to be confirm it manually.

  6. Packaging and Handling: We pack the products for delivery on hard boxes. If necessary the products will be wrapped with bubble wraps to ensure it remain intact and reach customer safely. Customer need not pay any additional charges against packaging and handling fees.

  7. Return and Exchange Policy: For further information please refer to our Company Refund Policy.

  8. Customer Support: Incase of any queries you can reach out to us on walnutshopping@gmail.com.

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